Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health eLearning Accounts

Computing Requirements and Terms of Service for JHSPH eLearning Sites

Supported Web Browsers

No other Web browsers are supported. Using an unsupported Web browser will result in significant errors while using JHSPH eLearning sites.

*Running Internet Explorer 9 in Internet Explorer 7 or 8 compatability mode is not supported.

Requirements for Fully Online Courses

If you are taking a fully online course, you must have:

Listed below are the minimum requirements regarding hardware and software for online courses.

  Windows Mac
  • Windows 7 or later
  • USB headset microphone
  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • USB headset microphone
Headset Microphone

USB (Universal Serial Bus) headset microphones are required for all students taking fully online classes at the School of Public Health. Built-in or laptop microphones are not acceptable for online course work. Inexpensive, high-quality, USB-based headset microphones are manufactured by Logitech, among others, and are available at many online and physical retailers, such as and Best Buy. USB headset — and not analog (stereo plug) — microphones are required for quality, reliability, and compatability with computers. Support will not be given to students who have analog (stereo plug) microphones.

Network and Firewalls

You must have consistent Internet access, including the ability to receive streaming media and run text and video chat programs. Be advised that corporate firewalls frequently interfere with streaming media, chat, and other communication programs, and can prevent you from participating in online courses. It is the student's responsibility to work with his or her information systems group to work through issues involving firewalls. Please see this Frequently Asked Question about the specific ports which need to be open on your network.

iOS and Android Support

While CoursePlus websites are accessible on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices, there are some features that will not work properly depending on the device you use. These are:

Access to Course Web Sites

Students enrolled in courses with CoursePlus sites have access to those sites for the current and following academic years. For example, if a course occurred in the third term of the 2012-2013 academic year, a student enrolled in the course has access to the CoursePlus site until the end of the 2013-2014 academic year. After that point, access to that CoursePlus site is terminated.

Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime

While the CTL maintains a list of the dates and times on which server maintenance and outages will happen, there may be times when emergency maintenance is required or when maintenance out of the Center's control may be required. In those situations, an entry will be posted to the CTL Blog with information about the maintenance or downtime. Great effort is taken in keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum, but in the event that there is emergency maintenance or there are system problems which prevent you from accessing CTL websites, we will do our best to post information about the probelms on the affected websites.

Privacy Notice

Your access to and activity within JHSPH eLearning sites is tracked for educational purposes — much like taking "class attendance" at an on-site course. This information is accessible only by course faculty, training administrators, or Center for Teaching and Learning staff. Cookies and JavaScript, both of which are used for tracking purposes, must be enabled in your Web browser.

Center for Teaching and Learning staff may also access course websites to post content, assist faculty and TAs, and resolve technical problems.

JHSPH eLearning Sites Covered by These Requirements

JHSPH eLearning sites include anything on the following domains: