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Nov 7 2017

Automatically Flag Students Who Leave the Exam Page During an Exam

The Quiz Generator in CoursePlus is being increasingly utilized in courses to deliver cumulative exams like midterms and finals. Faculty are rightly concerned that students do not engage in activities which violate the School's academic ethics code while taking these exams. 

CoursePlus has, for some time now, automatically logged student activity when they take a quiz or exam, including if they go off the quiz/exam page, and, since November, 2016, the ability to show if a student accessed other pages in CoursePlus while taking the exam.

This data is very useful to fauclty concerned about academic ethics violations, but faculty or TAs would have to review the log of activity for every student who took the exam to equitably check and see if there were potential academic ethics violations while taking the exam. This is a tedious process.

We've added a new option to the setup to quizzes/exams in the Quiz Generator that gives you the option to automatically flag students who leave the exam page or view other pages in CoursePlus while taking the exam. This option is turned off by default, and must be enabled on an exam-by-exam basis.

If this option is turned on, and a student has left the exam page or visited another page in CoursePlus while taking the exam, a visual alert is placed next to the student name on the main "Responses and Grades" view of the exam in the Quiz Generator:

Icons alerting that the student left the exam page.

The red circle with the exclamation point inside indicates that the student left the exam page and visited other pages in CoursePlus while taking the exam. (The brown stopwatch icon indicates that the student took less than 10% of the allotted time to complete the exam, sometimes also an indicator of potential academic ethics violations.)

Please note that, just as with the adding of the log information that shows if a student visited pages other than the exam while taking the exam, this indicator does not immediately appear the second that a student visits a page other than the exam page while taking the exam. This indicator only appears after the student has submitted their answers to the exam and the full set of CoursePlus logs has been analyzed. Typically, this process takes about 30 minutes from the time the student submits their exam.

If you have questions about how this feature works, please contact CTL Help!

Posted by Brian Klaas at 2:10 PM - Categories: CoursePlus

Oct 11 2017

Tagging and Searching Questions in the Quiz Generator

Some courses have a lot of questions in the Quiz Generator for their course. Finding one specific question out of the 300 (or 500!) plus questions in a course can be tedious, at best. To that end, we've added the ability to tag and search on questions (and tags) in the Quiz Generator.

As you create or edit questions, you can add tags to them.

Form field to add one or more tags to a question.

Tags are simple words that can help you identify:

  • the subject area of the question
  • the course learning objective or departmental competency which the question meets
  • the lecture with which the question is associated

As you add tags to questions, tags are auto-suggested to you in the "Add Tags" field so you can re-use tags across questions. 

When you use the "Add/Edit/Remove" questions page to add questions to a quiz, you can now search by either tag or perform a search in the "Search" box at the top of the page. The search tool looks through the text of any question (not the answers or text contained in linked files), and displays only questions which match the search text.

Example of filtering questions by tag.

Example of searching questions by free text.

We hope that this addition will make the organization of quiz/exam questions in your courses much more efficient, and save you time when building quizzes and exams from large question banks. If you have questions about how this new feature works, please contact CTL Help!

Posted by Brian Klaas at 9:20 AM - Categories: CoursePlus

Oct 5 2017

A Tweak to Drop Boxes for Exams

The Drop Box is one of the most popular tools in CoursePlus. Many courses use it, and many use it to collect written, take-home or open-book exams from students.

Some faculty do not know that when a student submits a file to a Drop Box, that student can download the file that they submitted at any time. If the student is part of a degree program portfolio, the student can also send that file to their portfolio. This enables students a nice degree of flexibility in having access to their course work.

If the file that the student submits is an exam, however, some faculty do not want students to be able to have long-term access to their copy of the exam. To that end, we've added a new option to the Drop Box setup: flagging a specific Drop Box as being for an exam, and to disable student downloading of their submission or sending their submission to their portfolio:

Option indicating that the Drop Box is for an exam.

This option is turned off by default, and must be enabled on a Drop Box-by-Drop Box basis. 

Please note that this in no way prevents a student from storing a copy of the file they submit to the Drop Box  on their own computer, or in the cloud. CoursePlus cannot delete a file of a student's computer once it has been submitted to a CoursePlus site.

If you have questions about how this new feature works, please contact CTL Help!

Posted by Brian Klaas at 2:36 PM - Categories: CoursePlus

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