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Feb 22 2017

Publicly Viewable Page Builder Pages

Sometimes when faculty create their syllabus in CoursePlus, they have projects or assignments which require detailed instructions that really don't belong in the syllabus itself. In the past, there's been no way for faculty to create a whole page to detail a project, assignment, or related issue to the course that they want everyone to be able to see before the course begins.

Faculty, TAs, and staff can now create publicly viewable pages in Page Builder. These pages work just like any other page in Page Builder, except that you can link them to your syllabus (or an email, or anywhere) and then anyone in the world can see the content of those pages. This allows faculty and course teams a lot of flexibility in setting up detailed task lists, or reading lists, or project pages that can be read as students browse for courses or before the courses begin.

These pages can't be full lecture pages, as most lectures are private only to students who have registered for the course. We hope, though, that this new feature will provide even more flexibility to course teams who are looking to provide lots of information about their course to anyone who wants to see it.

Posted by Brian Klaas at 2:47 PM - Categories: CoursePlus

Feb 16 2017

Full CoursePlus UI in Lecture Playback

Many students have asked us why the full CoursePlus user interface and navigation controls disappear when they watch lecture presentations in CoursePlus. This is really a holdover from a time when lecture presentations used to play back in Adobe Presenter format, and Adobe Presenter would stretch to fill the screen when possible. We wanted to make the presentations as big as possible when you viewed them, so we opted to remove all elements on the screen that would cause the presentations to display at a smaller size. That meant that the whole CoursePlus interface should be hidden to maximize the size of lecture presentation playback.

Now that we deliver lecture presentations as pure video, and those videos are set at a fixed size, it makes little sense to hide the whole CoursePlus user interface when playing back lectures. Showing the whole CoursePlus user interface when playing back lectures provides a more consistent user experience and easier navigation overall. You'll now see the full interface when you watch lecture presentations inside CoursePlus.

Posted by Brian Klaas at 10:18 AM - Categories: CoursePlus

Feb 13 2017

CoursePlus 101: Give TAs, Editors, or Guests Access to Your CoursePlus Site

In this updated entry in the CoursePlus 101 series, we look at adding an editor (TA, administrative assistant, guest faculty) to your CoursePlus site.

Posted by Brian Klaas at 3:38 PM - Categories: CoursePlus | CoursePlus 101

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