Feb 2 2016

Portfolio Updates for the Third Term

Program administrators who are currently using the portfolio tool in CoursePlus have been an invaluable partner in helping to make that tool better. Based on their feedback, we've added the following features to the portfolio tool in CoursePlus:

  • Touchpoints can be configured to send an automated reminder to those students who have not completed the touchpoint up to 7 days before the touchpoint is due. 
  • A new report has been added which shows a grid view of all touchpoints, all students in a cohort, and an indicator of the status of student work on each touchpoint. 
  • "Students who have completed this touchpoint" is now shown on touchpoints where no advisor check-in is required on the the main administration page for a program. 
  • A "Past Touchpoints" tab has been added to the main administration page for a program. Past touchpoints are displayed in reverse chronological order. 
  • A "Program Coordinator" role has been added to the type of advisor roles someone can be assigned.
  • Advisors can now attach files to a reflection review.

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Jan 21 2016

Adding Online Lectures to On-Campus Class Sessions

Faculty who teach online courses have had the ability to add online lectures to on-campus class session listings for over a year. However, only one lecture from the same course with the same course number could be added to any given on-campus class session. We had a number of faculty ask us if they could add more than one lecture to one on-campus class session.

This is now possible in CoursePlus. Additionally, faculty who teach online can pull lectures from any of their online courses into any of their on-campus class sessions, even if the course numbers are not the same.

Adding online lectures to on-campus courses is done from the class sessions tool in your on-campus CoursePlus site. When you add or edit a class session, there's an option at the bottom of the page to pick the course and lecture(s) you want to include in a given class session.

Location of adding online lectures to on-campus sessions

We hope this provides additional flexibility to faculty who want to re-use their online lectures in their on-campus courses!

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Jan 19 2016

Update Bookmarks That Point to courseplus.jhsph.edu

In August, 2015, CoursePlus switched to its new domain name of courseplus.jhu.edu. Previously, it had been courseplus.jhsph.edu. Links inside of CoursePlus were all updated to reflect this change at that time, along with links in the School of Public Health main website and the my.jhsph.edu portal.

The introduction of JHED sign in for CoursePlus has shown us that many people are still using bookmarks and links which point to courseplus.jhsph.edu. If you are using a bookmark or link that contains courseplus.jhsph.edu, JHED sign in will not work. JHED sign in only works for the courseplus.jhu.edu domain. If you are using a bookmark or link that points to courseplus.jhsph.edu and try to sign in via JHED, it will appear that your JHED sign in is successful (because you used the correct JHED username and password), but you will not actually be signed in to CoursePlus and will be required to sign in yet again.

As such, it's important that you update any bookmarks or personal links to point to courseplus.jhu.edu. On May 22, 2016, the courseplus.jhsph.edu domain will cease to exist. This means that any bookmarks or personal links that point to courseplus.jhsph.edu will result in a "Server not found" message.

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Jan 6 2016

Change to the Display of Upcoming Schedule Dates on the Online Course Home Page

The "From the Course Schedule" box on an online course home page is designed to help you get a quick glance at items that are coming up on the course schedule, or items that are soon to be due. The problem with the current design of the "From the Course Schedule" box is that it mixes these two very different sets of information together, and it's not so easy to see what's coming up that is due.

We've revised the "From the Course Schedule" box on online course home pages so that "Upcoming Due Dates" are separated from (and displayed before) items that are "Opening Soon."

Course schedule box with due dates and opening soon items in separate categories.

This will hopefully provide greater clarity of this information and make it clearer when you have upcoming due dates!

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Dec 14 2015

Discussion Forum Grading Improvements

Faculty and TAs have long been able to set up a category in the discussion forum that's designated as a graded category, where individual student posts can be graded and those grades are automatically sent to the Gradebook. We've recently made a few changes to the grading process to make it easier for faculty and TAs to grade student posts.

Image of new discussion forum grading tools added in December 2015.

First, you can click on a link at the top of any topic in a graded category and the browser will scroll to the very first post that needs grading. This is a lot faster than hunting through a list of 30 or 50 posts to find a handful that still require grading.

Second, a list of all students who have not posted in that category is available and you can assign a zero/fail value to all students who have not posted in that category at once. This significantly speeds up grading when you have students who do not complete a graded discussion forum assignment.

Third, there's now a link at the top of any topic in a graded category that takes you to the Gradebook item for that graded discussion forum category. It's not a big deal, but it does save you a couple of clicks!

We hope these changes will make grading discussion forum categories even easier for you. If you have questions, please contact CTL Help!

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Dec 7 2015

Alerting When Students Complete Exams Very Quickly

One of the obvious ways in which faculty can determine if a student may have cheated on an online quiz or exam is to look at the amount of time it took a student to complete an exam relative to the total amount of time allotted for an exam. While this is in no way a foolproof approach for detecting cheating, if an exam has 50 questions and a student completes the exam in five minutes, it's certainly probable that — excepting for complete mastery of the subject by the student — that some kind of cheating may have occurred.

The Quiz Generator in CoursePlus has long shown the amount of time a student took to complete a quiz or exam on the "Statistics" view for an individual quiz. However, if faculty don't look at that report, they may not be able to spot potential issues.

We've recently updated the Quiz Generator to automatically flag students who took less than 10% of the allotted time to complete a graded quiz (non-graded/review quizzes will not show this). These flags are shown on both the main "Responses and Grades" page and on the "Quiz Completion Statistics" view for an individual quiz.

Red circles with exclamation point inside indicates a student who quickly completed a quiz.

There will, of course, be many instances where completing a quiz or exam in less than 10% of the allotted time for the quiz or exam is perfectly fine. This new flagging feature simply makes it easier for faculty to look into potential problem areas.

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Nov 30 2015

JHED Sign In is Coming to CoursePlus!

At long last, you'll soon be able to sign into CoursePlus with your JHED ID. This is probably the most frequently-requested enhancement we've had for CoursePlus.

When JHED sign-in support arrives in CoursePlus, you'll click a "Sign in with JHED" button and sign in just like you would for JHU Webmail, Student and Faculty Self-Service, and library services.

Sign in with JHED button

If you have your JHED ID in your CoursePlus account, we'll automatically link your JHED login with your CoursePlus account, and you'll be good to go. If we can't find a matching JHED ID in an existing CoursePlus account, we'll create a new CoursePlus account for you.

It's important to note the following:

  • The CoursePlus account will still exist for people who don't have JHED IDs.
  • Once you successfully sign in with your JHED ID, you can't sign in with your CoursePlus account any more. This is done to ensure a high level of security for your JHED account information.
  • You need to have your JHED ID in your CoursePlus account in order to have an existing CoursePlus account linked up when you sign in via JHED.

We are also ending the use of the my.jhsph sign-in for faculty and academic coordinators in CoursePlus. Faculty and academic coordinators can sign in via JHED and see their courses just as they did before, using the my.jhsph sign-in. JHED sign-in completely replaces the my.jhsph sign-in.

We expect JHED sign in to go live between January 4-7, 2016.

If you have questions about the upcoming JHED sign in, please contact CTL Help!

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