Oct 10 2014

Deleting Wiki Comments

The comments feature in the wiki tool allows anyone in a class to leave comments on a wiki page. This can be great for faculty evaluation of a wiki or peer-to-peer evaluation of a wiki. Previously, however, the only faculty and TAs could delete their own comments. There have been situations where students have wanted to use the commenting tool to leave comments for each other, but delete them before finalizing the wiki. There was no way to do that, until now.

Anyone who posts a comment in a wiki can now delete their own comments. Faculty and TAs can even delete any student comment on a wiki, in addition to being able to delete their own comments.

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Oct 8 2014

Get Your Discussion Forum Subscriptions in Daily Digest Format

You can subscribe to any of the categories or topics in a course Discussion Forum so that all messages posted in that category or topic are immediately sent to you via email. We've been asked if there was a way to compile all those messages into a daily message. This makes things more manageable if your course Discussion Forum has lots of activity. Rather than getting 30 individual messages, you would get one email message containing all 30 posts.

You can now do this in the CoursePlus Discussion Forum!

To subscribe to a daily digest of messages rather than receive immediate delivery of messages, go to "Discussion Forum Options," look under the "Subscription Delivery Options" header, and select the "Send a digest email of posts added to categories and topics once per day." option.

Please note that this preference does not carry over from one course Discussion Forum to another. If you are taking multiple classes and want to have Discussion Forum posts sent in daily digest format in all your classes, you will have to set this option (one time!) in each of your class Discussion Forums.

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Oct 2 2014

Lecture and LiveTalk Tracking Tools for Students

Faculty have long had the ability to track which lectures are viewed by each student in an online class and to track which LiveTalks each student attended. Students have asked us if they could have access to this same data as it helps them to keep track of their activity in a course. This is particularly important when a portion of their final grade in a class depends on some kind of minimum LiveTalk attendance or viewing of all course lectures.

The CoursePlus team has introduced a lecture view tracking tool and a LiveTalk attendance tool for students in online courses. Both of these tools can be found in the "Resources" section of every online course website.

For lectures, students can see:

  • Each lecture section in the class
  • How many times they watched the lecture in the class website
  • If they downloaded the MP4, MP3, Slides or Transcript (if any)

For LiveTalks, students can see:

  • Each LiveTalk attended
  • Length of time spent in the LiveTalk
  • If they didn't attend the session, if they watched the archive

We hope that these two new reports give students better insight into the work that they do in online courses and give greater visibilty into the data that is collected about their activity — especially when it relates to their final grade in a class.

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Sep 30 2014

CoursePlus Will Be Offline Starting at 7pm on Friday, November 21 Until 5pm Sunday, November 23

In November, Facilities Management must make a repair to the substation which provides power to the part of the Wolfe Street building which houses the JHSPH data center. In order to perform this repair, they must turn the power off. This means that all websites housed in the JHSPH data center will be shut down, including CoursePlus.

CoursePlus will therefore be offline begining at 7pm Eastern time on November 21, 2014. CoursePlus will remain offline until the repair work is done and the power is turned back on. It is possible that this work may only take a few hours, but as with any major, physical, electrical repair, things can get more complicated. JHSPH Information Systems is advising that you plan for a longer outage period. This work is occurring over a regularly scheduled JHSPH Information Systems maintenance period, which are scheduled from 5pm on a Friday until 5pm on Sunday. While we hope that the maintenance period will not last a full two days, no such guarantee can be made.

Faculty in all courses should plan accordingly for this outage of CoursePlus. This outage will occur right before the Thanksgiving weekend — usually after midterm exams, but during period where many projects end up being due. 

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Sep 16 2014

Discussion Forum Updates for the First Term

Just in time for the first academic term, we've added a bunch of new features to the discussion forum. These are:

  • You can now search for posts by date range.
  • There is now a "My Own Posts" view in the "My Discussion Forum" section of the discussion forum. This page shows all the posts you have made in the discussion forum.
  • Faculty and TAs now have a report which shows them if a student did or did not respond to a specific category or topic in the discussion forum.
  • If there are posts in a discussion forum category that still need to be graded, a red exclamation point is displayed next to the Gradebook icon for that category on the main discussion forum page. 

Additionally, the layout of the discussion forum has been completely redone on mobile devices. It's now much easier to read and particpate in the discussion forum while on your phone!


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Sep 9 2014

Using Online Lectures in Your On-Campus Courses

For years, some faculty who teach both online and on-campus versions of the same course have used their online lectures as reference material in their on-campus courses. In some cases, they even replaced in-class lectures with the lecture from their online course. This was always a manual process that involved the assistance of CTL.

Starting in the first academic term, you can now use lectures from online courses in your on-campus class with the same course number without any assistance by CTL. When you create a class session, you will see an option to include a lecture from the online (.81) version of the course in that class session. You can choose to use the whole lecture, as is, or only use specific sections. 

Students then see a "Lecture Materials" box very much like the one used in online courses. Students can see the same lecture video, and download the MP4, MP3, text transcript for each section of the lecture just as they do in online courses. The same set of rules applied to each online lecture in terms of what is downloadable apply to the display of the lecture on the class sessions page.

Faculty and TAs will even get the same report that exists in online classes which shows which students accessed each lecture, if they downloaded files, and so on.

There is one caveat to using this new feature: if you opt to not use all sections of an online lecture in a class session, the PDF for that lecture will not be displayed. This is because PDFs for online lectures in online courses are a single file of all sections in the lecture. If you opt to not use all sections of the lecture, the PDF will contain sections and content which you did not want to give to students. This will lead to confusion and potential problems in course content sequencing. You can, however, take the PDF from your online class, delete the pages which contain the materials you didn't want to show students in your on-campus class, and then upload that edited PDF to the Online Library. You can then even link that updated PDF to the same class session as the lecture.

We hope that those of you who teach both online and on-campus find this new feature to be very useful for both you and your students!

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Sep 9 2014

CTL Teaching Assistant (TA) Short Courses and Resources

The JHSPH Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers some comprehensive resources and courses for preparing to TA:

1.  The first is the Teaching Toolkit web site, which contains an area for TA's: https://sites.google.com/site/ctltteachingtoolkit/teaching-assistants including specific TA information for each JHSPH department, an FAQ, and information on our two mostly self-paced TA training offerings.

2.  The second part of the training program is a self-paced, fully online short course, Teaching Assistantships 1: Essential Elements (TA1), which orients Teaching Assistants to the roles and responsibilities of their position, relevant policies and regulations, technical tools, teaching tips, and other important information. This short course is offered every term and must be completed within an academic year. Facilitators will be available to answer questions, but the course is specifically designed so that a student can complete activities at their convenience.  Students will be required to interact with others at the school (i.e. faculty, academic coordinators, other TA's) in order to complete the brief assignments.  Register here!

3. Finally, there is Teaching Assistantships 2: Interactive Methods (TA2), a cohort-based practicum for those who have completed TA1: Essential Elements, in which TA's put their skills and knowledge into practice by facilitating discussions, resolving potential issues, brainstorming management techniques, and interacting with each other and their course facilitators.  This course is scheduled 2-3 times per academic year and runs for 3 weeks, with the first 2 weeks completed online, but requiring interaction with other students taking the course.  The third week will involve either two 1-hour on-campus sessions or two 1-hour LiveTalks.  Students can decide if the online or on-campus session in the final week is appropriate, based on their planned TA assignment (online or on campus course).  If desired, a student can attend both the on campus and online LiveTalk sessions. 

We offer a certificate of completion for those who complete both TA1 and TA2. 

We look forward to your participation!

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