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For Internet Explorer 9/10:

  1. Click the configuration icon (wheel to the right of the star icon).
  2. Move mouse to Safety and select Delete browsing history... from sub menu. Make sure that Preserve Favorites website data is not checked. If you leave it checked, then all of your cache will be deleted except your favorites' history.
  3. Make sure that Temporary Internet files and Cookies are selected then click the Delete button at the bottom.

You'll receive an alert at the bottom of the page once the files have been deleted. Be sure to exit Internet Explorer and restart your computer once you've cleared the Web browser cache. This is very important so that old and potentially corrupt information is not accidentally pulled from memory once you clear the cache.

For Firefox in Windows & Mac:

  1. Select History.
  2. Select Clear Recent History....
  3. Click the Time range to clear drop down and select Everything.
  4. Click the button to the left of Details and make sure that Cache and Cookies are selected.
  5. Click Clear Now to apply change.
  6. Close Firefox and restart. Your cache is now cleared.

For Chrome in Windows & Mac:

  1. Click the icon with three dashes in the top right corner of the window. A shortcut menu will appear.
  2. Move your mouse down to Tools.
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data....
  4. Click the Obliterate the following items from drop down menu and select the beginning of time.
  5. Select the options that you would like to clear. Make sure that at least Empty the cache and Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data are selected.
  6. Click the Clear browsing data button.

For Safari:

  1. Simply select Reset Safari... from the Safari menu.
  2. Make sure all options are selected from the list provided.
  3. Then click the Reset button to confirm.
Your cache is now cleared and browser restarted.

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